Weeks ago I asked a friend of fifty years if I could feature him in a blog post. I told him I wanted to address the issue of his peculiar glossolalia, which has resulted in him calling me hundreds and hundreds of different names over the decades, from the early “Bowsenger,” “Bowsengie,” and “Bowsie,” to the derogatory “Hun” and “Tiphead,” through “Zebulon” and then the truncated “Zeb”–and we haven’t even gotten out of grade school yet.

He assented and then started sending me odd words via text message. On July 1st he offered “Nigmobophilia.” (A love of drive-by racist epithets?) On the 3rd he reminded me of “Bigglesworth,” which he didn’t make up put lifted from the name of Dr. Evil’s cat in the Austin Powers movies. (Fairly recently he’s called me “The Big Stuff” and “Bigby,” both of which I am egomaniacal enough to like; but then the alliteration shaded over into “Bare Naked,” which I didn’t like at all, and then “Bear,” which is OK but echoic of what my high school sweetheart and I called each other in the early 70′s. Lately when I call him and he sees from the number it is me, when he picks up, he usually says “Bear!” with some enthusiasm. If he’s not enthusiastic about talking to me he’ll just let it go to voice mail.)

July 4, 9:21am, the message in its entirety was “BungBostrogNothPotnogronthomos,” which sounds to me like a moon of Mars that was discovered long ago but that is too embarrassing to talk about. It also makes me think that Oliver Sacks, who has made a latter-life career of writing about the effect of brain trauma on behavior, might enjoy studying this man.

His first name is Marty. His last name begins with a K. “Marty K” would make a good character in a Franz Kafka story entitled “A Babbler In Tongues.” But for the acrostic I haven’t written yet I’m going with “Marty The K.” This resonates with Murray the K, a disc jockey who got to hang out with the Beatles when they first came to America.

Here is Marty K’s portrait in progress, which I will acrosticize and complete, wrapped in some personal history, in Part 2.



First, some words:

To BUILD a Head of Steam

So much of our endeavor/takes forever to get going. It is/owing to the stubborn/that the hub earns torque &/spin. It’s within/the Human Spirit to be/near a tendered/Godhead. When an odd head/gets a notion, adds/Devotion stirred & served,/Well-deserved/rewards may follow. But the hollow/talk sans walking/makes the squawking/of the mob/cause a throbbing/of a vein that’s so/insanely sore to touch/–see, SO MUCH of our en-/deavor takes FOREVER to get going–

Build all that steam, and you’re still on the hamster-wheel of repetition. This is the conundrum of the unenlightened Buddhist, the yo-yo dieter, the nine-to-five wage grunt, and Bill Murray during almost all of GROUNDHOG DAY.

Jackson Browne wrote “The Pretender” following a tragedy in his life. “And when the morning sun/Comes shining in/We’ll get up and do it again/Amen.” Earlier, he wrote “Our Lady of the Well,” which seems to me to draw strength from a more innocent sensibility, though the verse I quote shows he has lost some of that innocence. Another verse shows dissatisfaction tempered with hope:

“Across my home has grown the shadow
Of a cruel and senseless hand
Though in some strong hearts
The love and truth remain
And it has taken me this distance
And a woman’s smile to learn
That my heart remains among them
And to them I must return”

And I love the double meaning of Well.

Here is the page, for which further explanation, though available upon request, would lead to further need for explanation:


Sometimes you try to not be a human being. Science fiction writers have done it since H. G. Wells tried his hand. Philip K. Dick did it better than most. And he wrote a fine short-short story called “The Alien Mind,” which my image below does NOT illustrate. His story was a fine example of punishment fitting a crime, and cat lovers the world over, I am sure, have read it and loved it.

Neverthestill, when I drew this I first thought of Dick’s title, and then thought it would fit.


The Second Amendment to the United States of America Constitution: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

(First published in slightly altered form as a Facebook Note)

Proposed: That the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation devote their resources to reducing gun violence while preserving Second Amendment rights for all.

Now a thought experiment…

The above proposal is accepted, and all that money is thrown at The Problem. Software is developed that uses pattern recognition to find everything on earth that could possibly meet the criteria for being a gun. (This would require quite a bit of data mining and modern espionage, but you’d be amazed how cheap and legal that can be, given windborne surveillance devices, The Patriot Act, and other workarounds.) All the guns on Earth are identified and chiptagged via nanotechnology. Code is written that analyzes each gun’s destructive capability, and the least expensive means of rendering a particular gun harmless. The nanodrone magic wand is then waved, and the render-harmlessness begins: barrels are plugged, firing pins jimmied, safeties microwelded to permanent ON–or whatever else it takes. Second Amendment rights remain inviolate: by all means, keep and bear your now-useless arms. Try to render them unuseless, though, and the Dronomatic will kick back in.

So now the NRA tries to become the NBAAA (National Bow and Arrow Association). The drones go after the arrows. The NBAAA becomes the NKA (they didn’t like the baaing sound people were using to pronounce their name, anyway). Knives are rendered rubberized. The NKA goes back to being the NRA: National Rock Association. “OK, go ahead and throw rocks,” says the Foundation. But rock-throwers are identified and tagged, and their hands rendered 30-day gummy, necessitating assistance in certain private functions.

The day is coming, Good People! Hallelujah!


This page started as an exercise in value range and composition. Then there was a revolution and the Occluded Notion faction won, but in the treaty full text was mandated, but upside-down so that though it was accessible it wasn’t excessively so. The Rule of Thirds and the Rule of Threes struggled briefly with the Signature-As-Element Fourmaker. The results speak for themselves, but inaudibly.

Here are the unoccluded words:

TREAT & release

The forces of nature go off on a tear
Releasing fell energies many a where
Endeavor adjusts with survival the goal
And healing well-bidden delivers some whole
The forces of nature respond to your please
And if you are patient along comes a breeze


This hard-working, compassionate young man, who wears both Front Desk and Home Care hats on the swing shift at Sedona Winds, has just received his medical degree credentials. But when I asked “So, do I call you Doctor Burton now?” he smiled and said please don’t. “Sounds pretentious.” Make that Hard-Working, Compassionate and Modest. In the picture I took of him he was looking straight across the lobby. I tilted his head in this portrait so he could have a glimpse of his bright future. I think I subconsciously added a touch of “Richard Chamberlain as Doctor Kildare.”

Here are the words, which trade off a little metronomicity for heartofthematteritiveness:

‘S a turmoiled trail to get a man Doctor’d
‘S a hoop jump and slicer whilst prodded and proctor’d

Uphill pushing boulders–you slip?–down you go
Unending anatomies flung to and fro

Persistence will lead to an office or clinic
Perspective will keep you from being a cynic




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