I’m finally free of that albatross of a Manuscrypt [sic] for a while–sent it off just before noon. That also means I’m free of the blog-posting restriction I imposed on myself. So this is a celebration. POS can stand for any number of things–Point of Sale, for instance. Sybil has come to mean “crazy multiple-personality person” in recent years. It? IT is what IT is. Ease is what we all non-strivingly strive for some time or the other, and this is the time for this guy. More later. Over & out for now!


here is how a poem doesn’t get written: the notion
was to find a name phonetically similar to the phrase “every so often”
and use it to springboard wordplay

“avery soffen” quickly occurred to the poet
but the poet didn’t even know that soffen was a name

it is and moreover no one need be impugned
for although “soffen” yields many search results
“avery soffen” yields “no records match your search”

but in the course of soffen-searching one dr. gerald soffen showed up
he was a project scientist for nasa and coordinated the work of seventy scientists nationwide
they were conducting unmanned scientific experiments on mars via the viking program
and so dr. soffen was among the first practicing exobiologists

every so often
a poet realizes he is a court jester or at best shakespeare’s fool
and is overwhelmed by the difference between flimsy wordplay and the real advancement of humanity

001Here is the consummate environmentalist. She fearlessly spoke out against the profligate use of pesticides, which she wisely renamed “biocides,” and her successful battle against the propaganda and dirty-dealing of such as DuPont was the single most important factor in the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. Thanks to Wikipedia, YouTube, and any number of environmental websites on the Internet, her passionate voice may be heard instantly by anyone with computer access. Her message is just as timely as it was in 1962, the year of publication of her Silent Spring, whose title refers both to the loss of birdsong due to pesticide collateral damage and the potential Earthwide silence should the rapists of Mother Earth continue their fell practices.

I am working on a double-acrostic poem and page on her which will be the final needed ingredient for my manuscript of Natural Distractions, the poetry/image collection that I’ve been working on every day. Here is the work in progress:


ETA on the completed manuscript, and with it the completed Rachel Carson page, is tomorrow morning. Upon its completion I’ll convey it to David Chorlton, a fine environmental defender in his own right, for editorial assistance. Stay tuned! [determined smile]


The photo was taken on Sedona’s Bell Rock some time ago. At lower left is the shadow of the wayfarer’s head. In the midground is a cairn, a trail marker of stones cylinderized with baling wire. From each cairn not the beginning nor end the wayfarer ought to be able to see the cairn preceding and the cairn following. As long as there is a cairn in sight, then, the wayfarer is never lost; and, indeed, at upper right the wayfarer sees the next cairn on the journey.

There have been 676 posts in the two years of this blog, whose anniversary is today. Once Sam Shepard was asked how many plays he had written, and his answer was “Too damn many.” I saw his Fool for Love at a Phoenix-local theater about twenty years ago. It was good and weird.

I am going to use the love I have for making posts in this blog to incentivize the completion of a manuscript I started, with editorial help from award-winning poet David Chorlton, more than a year ago. I will be limiting my blog posts to one a week until the manuscript is finished.

After I finish the manuscript (working title: Natural Distractions), I’ll resume regular posting until the end of the year. Then I’ll finish the second manuscript I’ve got hanging fire, for a children’s book with the working title Sizegirl and Cloudboy. Again, I’ll be one-a-weeking this blog till that ms. is in the rearview mirror.

Somewhere in there should be Volume II of LIVES of the Eminent Poets of Greater Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve done at least as many poet page/profiles as I did for Volume I–declaring victory and bundling it all up has been long overdue. Disorganization has been the bugaboo of my creative existence.

In addition to, and aside from, all that, my realio trulio creative heart’s desire is making large-scale versions of the best of my pages. I hope to do at least one such in time for entry into the Glendale Arts Council’s juried show I enter every year.

That about sums up Where To, conceptually anyway. Please wish me luck and wherewithal, dear Reader!

i walked up the gravel to quail run
toward where quail run becomes rio mesa

the glory of the verde valley spread before me
showing autumn’s startling trees on the rock backdrop of orangey reds

and then the land found my mind and offered a trade
i would be the land and the land would be me long as we could take it

thinking it was a mind game i said sure
and suddenly i was the valley

and since i was all the eyes of the valley i could be everywhere
looking above through a cooper’s hawk or on the jackrabbit ground

and being the ground as well and the rocks i the valley had such flex and heft
i the valley absorbed sunshine drew in cee-oh-two exhaled oxygen
slid fractionally on my tectonics blew my wind over my red rocks and swirled magic dust
clipclopped my delicate fawn’s hooves across beaverhead flats and
ran my fawn over
with a drunken trucker’s truck

and this made me aware of the ugly unaware i contained
the shove-aside dark human trolls planning and executing atrocities on my soil
the petrochemical seepage the pushpushpush dig and gouge and dump

and it was too much at once and with a jolt i was back in my body
and the land was back in itself

and i found that the land had left me a message not quite translatable
but including you must remember and find another way

Yesterday’s post included a page in progress, the double acrostic for which is “Reversals Rehearsal.” By sheer happenstance I put the page in a notepad from four years ago, and found to my amused startlement that back in August of 2010 I’d also done a reversal-oriented acrostic, “Rotarepo Reversal Lasrever Operator.” Here they are together, first the Then page and then the Just-Now (I finished “Reversals Rehearsal” less than three hours ago).


002Visually the first page seems more tepid and timid than the second one. On the other hand, the second page is more sloppy and jungly than the first one.

Here is the first one’s acrostic:

Rotorepo Reversal Lasrever Operator

Ravel played–fearlessly–upon the cello
Odd glides, and gearless, like a wheeling rap
Tor/Reveals & revs and Engine with a swelled toe
Anticipating fervor from the captor
Rejoindings are from spicy to vanilla
Ecstaticburgh to Dullsville Ajo, AZ to Monserrat
Processes under the aegis of Symmetry go
Oscillantly; the bulrushes wave in the mirror

Here’s the other:

Reversals Rehearsal

Roly-poly M E C H A N I S M S make the world go rounder
Even when you’re plummeting before you hit the ground you’re
Va–RRROOOOMED aloft as gear & motor sync & then enmesh
Exogenous as a woman wearing a caleche
ROUND the buswheels ROUND the corner ROUND the Sports Arena
Schwarzchild radii describe where relatives go tweener
As the whirling world revolves a visual précis
Lets lay & learned folk alike infer a starry sea
Sometimes celestial events turn starmass hyperreal

Curious that both poems involved a revving engine. The “rev” in Reversal, perhaps?

Today there are two works in progress and one finished. First, a vase thrown in January of 2007 gets a substratic coat of acrylic paint mixed with matte medium:


Second, a page begun last night got another slug of composition work put into it:


Lastly, here is a poem in the form of a note originally posted to Facebook, written in its entirety today.

cold and fuzzy in the neverafter

randomness always increases
such is the provable implication of the second law of thermodynamics
which a lot of us have heard before
and many of those usses have heard of “the heat death of the universe”
and a few of those usses can do the math

but i and most of the usses can’t even state the laws of thermodynamics
but in our wonderful 21st century we can look it up
so here’s a quick education courtesy of wikipedia
between the asterisky borders:


  • Zeroth law of thermodynamics: If two systems are in thermal equilibrium respectively with a third system, they must be in thermal equilibrium with each other. This law helps define the notion of temperature.
  • First law of thermodynamics: When energy passes, as work, as heat, or with matter, into or out from a system, its internal energy changes in accord with the law of conservation of energy. Equivalently, perpetual motion machines of the first kind are impossible.
  • Second law of thermodynamics: In a natural thermodynamic process, the sum of the entropies of the participating thermodynamic systems increases. Equivalently, perpetual motion machines of the second kind are impossible.
  • Third law of thermodynamics: The entropy of a system approaches a constant value as the temperature approaches absolute zero.[2] With the exception of glasses the entropy of a system at absolute zero is typically close to zero, and is equal to the log of the multiplicity of the quantum ground state.


in my layman’s mind then i see a future a trillion years or so from now
where it is very cold and fuzzy
and scattered
and uninteresting
and there are no usses

but on the bright side (not that it’s bright)
there are no thems either

and on the brighter-yet side for some of us-and-now
what has happened so far is so miraculous
and surprises seem to be around every corner
that something else might be in store
even without divine intervention

but on the wet-blanket side
i for one-of-us doubt it
and wish i didn’t


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