My girl Mel and I were having a video chat, and one enhancement after another led to this:


So I later wrote this:


behold my true self
thanks to video chatting
see you next full moon



g l i m p s e d

gainsaid are the scarlet scoffers

all chagrined and aloe tropicked

spillways make decanted offers

plump seditionists thus topicked

Here is play with the acrostic form to third-time “glimpsed” and so make of it a motif. That the text makes sense, with a sly, subversive message that invites reader participation, is a bonus; but the priority is the image and what it evokes.

Hello. This post is a message. I regret not being a better messenger. The artwork is clumsy, the words are inelegant, the message content is as confusingly ambiguous as a Delphi oracle. News from home is most ambiguous when it is most truthful.

Who is the menacing figure, gripping the acrostic, tears in his eyes, foam at the mouth? Could be Donald Trump, what with the basketwoven hair and the foam at the mouth. Could be myself, what with the tears. We are both citizens of the United States of America. We call America home.


Now buffoon now fool now pharaoh

Enter scary LOVELESS stare. O

Weapons locked and loaded? AIM

Silence critics–mum’s the GAME


As for the sheet music, it is “Smile” with lyric by John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons and music by Charles Chaplin, also known as the “Little Tramp.” The first words are “SMILE, tho’ your heart is aching/SMILE, even tho’ it’s breaking/When there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by//If you SMILE through your fear and sorrow,/SMILE and maybe tomorrow/You’ll see the sun shining through/For you . . .”


My girlfriend Melony, known to her friends as Mel, was sitting next to me in my apartment’s tiny dining area, checking her phone. She looked Mellow.

Often her texts are accompanied by hearts. Mine too.


Methinks meknows a gal

Encryptically well. O

Let the Glow-wax flow


In the midst of reading ALL HIS JAZZ: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF BOB FOSSE by Martin Gottfried, and learning of the friendship between Fosse and Paddy Chayefsky, the acrostic “Show Folk” occurred. Flashy Fosse is Show; and who is more Folksy than the hero of Chayefsky’s MARTY? Off we went.


Here are the words of the double-acrostic sonnet:

SUCCESS: best taken with that grain of salt

Seize moments, lest the dark steal like a thief

Some mama cats won’t tote us by the scruff

Some ships are built to f o u n d e r on a reef


Huge OPPORTUNITIES have trapdoors too

How quickly handshook YES becomes a No

How quickly sours the Love Nest bill & coo

Howbeit, STRIVE–you may Behold & Lo


Ovations never last. PERSISTENCE will

Obliterate frustration and will quell

Oy-Vehish dark despair. We must distill

Our spirits from beyond ephemeral


We’ll Break A Leg, yet rise above the murk

With Old School secret sauce: workworkWorkWORK


The 2018 incarnation of the Glendale Arts Council’s annual Juried Show is accepting entries in exactly ten days. I intend to submit at least one entry of wire sculpture. This probably isn’t going to be an entry, but what I’ve learned from it will make a more suitable entry possible.