parity parody purity

preparing manuscripts, you score a coup

a query-lettered agent works for you

relax and sip a poured courvousier

it helps to harmonize your home’s feng shui

then with a dreamers schedule, mon petit

your vision’s been recycled, streamily




Some time back I posted “Long Live Myth,” but had not written the acrostic poem. Here it is:

2019 0715 long live myth

Long Live Myth

Loves and Loss loose bolts of dream
ONUS births lies steamingly
Next, evolvement writes off debt
Giving Legends depth and breadth

And here is a new card:

2019 0715 credible outcomes

Credible Outcomes

Caught a fever–you could too
Repartée becomes haiku
Endochrinal loss of tact
Drive’s a bully’s Cadillac
If a Sacred Cow says Moo
Belladonna may yet doom
Let us navigate the maze
Exiting with Caws and Brays


For more than ten years Acrostic Poetry has been both a tool and a toy to me. Within its limitations there are unending possibilities.

Today I took a minimalist approach. What’s the smallest couplet? Two words. Is it possible to create a triple acrostic with each line a two-word couplet? Let’s see what happens when we try.

Canned Reprim&. Hierarchic Antarctic. Elysia Indonesia. Correctional Sectional. K-Rational Encyclical.

Is the use of the ampersand cheating? No, especially not nowadays. Number/symbol shorthand has been around 4ever.

Is this Poetry? Of course it is. Ten words will take an agile mind gliding into new associations–“canned reprimand” is relevant in this age of e-mail blasts, for instance–and both the heaven of Elysia and the cold hell of Antarctica are referenced. And what is an Encyclical but an all-encompassing discussion? Let’s dole it out in K-Rations to make it palatable to the soldiers of knowledge. (That’s a K-rationalization if ever there was one.)

Above all, the value of this little exploration is its newness. Certainly there are better triple-acrosticized couplets waiting to be invented (discovered?)–there may even be a QUADRUPLE-acrosticized beast, with more apt associations leading to greater insights regarding the sentient condition. I invite sentient beings, human and otherwise, to create them or to find them. Just give ol’ Johnny Acrostiseed here an acknowledging nod if you do, please. 🙂

2019 0714 infinitie catI have owned cats, and cats have owned me. I have loved women with cats, and in every instance I have loved their cats. It cannot be otherwise.

infinitie cat

insatiable creature quells the cynic
neonifies the photons to actinic
for kicks conducts an effortlessness clinic

if frisky, what a fresh bouquet of freesia
no jumps through hoops would ever so much please ya
it’s just rare times you’d wish milk of amnesia

this friendly foe’s st. francis and iscariot
it’s sometimes motel 6, sometimes the marriott
each trip though’s on a cosmic-powered chariot


2019 0713 diverssimento

I went home early from work gratefully because my jaw and empty tooth-socket were aching, and slept and slept, and upon awakening found that I just wanted to dial at random on the Internet various animals and humans. No room for poetry on this one, just a pageful of scattershot portraiture.

2019 0712 glide glade

The post is called “glade glide” but the poem is called “glide glade.” I like the sound of Glade Glide better, but it is easier to rhyme words ending with A than I, if I don’t want to use the same words over and again.

glade glide

gather & slather w/good ecg
leisurely taste an all natural meal
indigo dapples the forested lea
do unto others no hauberk no shield
exit an intertwined network of glee