Thought Word Deed


Here is a page based on what a brief quotation from James Joyce’s FINNEGANS WAKE was based on. For the Thought, I include one of Maxwell’s equations (with a boost from Gauss’s Law); the Word is from my hero Groucho Marx; and the Deed is a crude re-enactment of a portion of the journey that culminated in humanity’s first (hu)manned trip to the Moon. The seemingly-random-but-not juxtaposition is an odd tip of the hat to Joyce, who juxtaposed like crazy, and crazily, in FW. For another hat-tip to him, here’s this:


Lastly, here’s a tip of the hat to Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss mentioned above, possibly the ablest mathematician who ever lived.

gauss thumbnail

  1. Gary, you have some secret information hidden in this page; do you know something we don’t: A Gemini capsule made it to the moon?

    • You are pretty good with your spacecraft identification, Michel. Certainly a Gemini capsule made it high enough to be in the same photo WITH the moon. I hope. 🙂

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