Wish Full Thin King


A fervent WISH/A plate too FULL/A THIN-souped dish/A KING to lull–hey, wait a minute. That’s not how this one goes.

Whether you’re after a smile or a look
Woolens hand-crafted or first published book
If you just fumfuh like long-boiled spaghetti
It all goes Uh-Uh plans torn like confetti
SWOOP and SLIDE that fine horizon
Hellish hot the kiln is FIRING

Walt Disney sanctioned a talking, singing, animated cricket to urge us all to Wish Upon A Star. And so people do. “When I win the lottery…” is the touchstone of many a wish as well.

“You’ve got to dream,” urged Conrad Hilton, and I agree. Dreams differ from wishes. Wishes are beggings; dreams require more active participants in their realizations.

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