MagnIFying Glass


Here are the words:

Most life events are humdrum–hardly gracing
And some are harrowing, and some debracing

God’s fans included Sandro Botticelli
No prob–IF “He” made Laura Antonelli

If not–if GOD is naught*–a synæsthesia
False-colors all perceivings; & amnesia

Yin-overloads our lives & drives a stasis
Infecting vectored acts with dreamworld basis

Nor is “AYE” unsusceptible, in this
God knows (or *{}) that much “I” see’s amiss

What does it mean? There is a clue in the emphasis of the IF in the word Magnifying. Agnostics of my bent don’t claim to have any more handle on the Truth than anyone else (except, perhaps, the Texas Board of Education, he said with a wry smile). The Universe is mind-boggling enough to provide endless mystery. One simple either/or is: Either Reality has popped on and off eternally, or there was an ultimate starting point (and I don’t mean THE Big Bang; I mean a First Big Bang). And things like magnifying glasses, falsecolor telescopy, and sunsets present different realities of the same scrutinized item. Remember Claude Monet’s different paintings of Reims Cathedral at different times of day? The same brick and mortar can evoke endlessly different moods.

Anyone else want to play?

As I did a couple of days ago, I again present a work in progress. This one is simpler. The symbol in the middle is an ampersand; so the triple acrostic is “Leave & Learn.”Image

  1. Kathy Passage said:

    Let go & find a new skilL
    Evacuate brain cells &refresh knowledgE
    Abandoned & forgotten triviA
    Veins clogged be purged & new bloom enamouR
    Elicit changes & revive ability to swooN

    Gary, I am going into a new area (for me) of artistic expression- Stone carving! I was a “rock Hound” as a kid- still have my 4th Grade science fair project- a very extensive rock collection- grouped up according to type, of course. Starting classes in late March.. stay tuned! I may need to visit Sedona to collect some new materials.

    • Wonderful acrostic, and avocation, dear Kathy! Rock on! 🙂

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