Anapest Destiny


Here are the words:

As aggression & madness hit home hard & bad
And the fact of the madder: insanity’s sad

Nonetheless we have need of the fight-or-flight urge
Near the dangerous nexus adrenals must splurge

And we’re grateful whilst passing this trail of tears
Agile minds are elastic & friends give 3 cheers

Pick a challenge: adapt and bid Fate do her worst
Ply a cause be adoptive grow hearts fit to burst

Esoteric & oleoresinous G R A I N
Estée-Laundering cheesiness works as a strain

Thus a madness once nasty becomes just plain silly
Take your fun while it’s tasty and run like a filly

Here are some notes:

An Anapest is a measure of meter with two unstressed syllables and then one stressed. “May this sentence exemplify anapest feet.” is a line of anapest tetrameter, that is, one line is four anapestic feet long. Perhaps the most famous example of anapest tetrameter is attributed to Clement Clark Moore, who began “A Visit from Saint Nicholas” thus: “‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house/Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.”

The acrostic is a riff on “Manifest Destiny,” a philosophy akin to “Conquer we must/If our cause it is just.” I think Manifest Destiny has had its day, and needs to not eat it too. I like Anapest Destiny a lot better: let us strive to be Poets.

“Estée Laundering” will be familiar to American fashion-conscious folk as derivative of Estée Lauder, the makeup magnate who lived to be 97 years old and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from George W. Bush in 2004, the year she died. The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the highest civilian award an American can receive. A question I pose to you, dear reader: do you find my reference to Ms. Lauder complimentary?

Anyone else want to play? Here is a page that has been a Work In Progress for about two years. I intend to finish it in two days or less.


Suggestion: print it out and draw silly stuff in the panels, or let a youngster color it. Then try to fit some words in there that go with the letters already there. Think of it as a puzzle with whatever rules you want to use for it. Hope you have fun!

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