Rock It’s Red Glare


When I was a kid growing up in Glendale, Arizona there was a local show for kids called It’s Wallace?  It was the BEST kid’s show I can imagine. The hosts were Wallace, whose real name was Bill Thompson, and Ladmo, whose real name was Ladimir Kwiatkowski. They were often bedeviled by a prissy, pouting fellow in a Dutch Boy wig who claimed to go to the finest private school in Scottsdale, and who was always badmouthing “public school brats” like me. They called him Gerald; his real name was Pat McMahon.

Their cartoons were top of the line, and one of my favorites was Rocky and Bullwinkle. The two were in constant conflict with Boris Badenov (my memory of him reminds me of Jerry Stiller) and Natasha Fatale (voiced by June Foray, who was also the voice of Rocket J. “Rocky” Squirrel). The nefarious couple was a parody of spies in the Cold War, but my page is no joke, though it is a tribute to my fond memories of R&B.

Speaking of tributes, here’s one I did in 2007 for Wallace & Ladmo. Alas, Ladmo died in 1994, less than two years after a co-worker of mine got his autograph for me.



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