The Beck of the Abovebird


I’ve got a thing about Birds, and I’ve got another thing about Words. Yesterday I was thinking about weird idioms like “kit and kaboodle” and “part and parcel”–and then “beck and call.” What does Beck bring to the party of Beck and Call? (Not the singer Beck, nor the brew Beck, you understand.)

This led me to birds, because Beck is equilaterally similar to Beak and Peck. Consequently I invented the above bird, which I christened the Abovebird.

Here are the words:

Tantric tautologies MAXIMIZE trivia
Holographed Fastballs lend Creedence to plumb
Endocrinologists Lymph to the servo
Beholding the HEADMAN the Jefe the Gov
Entreatment may heat up a feeling like love
Contentment enhances & sometimes makes numb
Kerplunk! went the ethics of Richard the III
Olfaction’s mixt blessing can bring on a brrr
For crucialities we wax undeterred

Ouch! that last line doesn’t scan right. Well, neither did the third line of Shakespeare’s sublime Sonnet XXIX. And Will & I–we’re like THAT. 🙂



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