Blog Post #100 — the Specialest Subject of All


The subject that is the specialest subject of all is my daughter. She is engaged to be married to a fine young man with intelligence and wit to match her own. I wish them the best kind of success, which is not Money nor Fame but Enduring Happiness.

Kate is no stranger to my journal pages. Here is one from a few years ago:


And here is the one I did on the occasion of her 20th birthday:


I have thousands of cherished memories of her, from the day she was born to last Friday when I visited her in Phoenix and took her and Denise to Mongolian BBQ. She was a delightful baby, an amazing toddler (she applied for and received a library card less than four months after her third birthday, having signed her name twice in order to do so), a lively little girl–ah, I could name dozens of her incarnations, but the important thing is, she has become more herself every day, and need not dwell in the past the way her mawkish father does. Kate, you are You, and the best Daughter imaginable. I love you and I salute you. I celebrate my One Hundredth Blog Post with the specialest subject of all. Thanks for indulging me by kindly permitting me to do so!


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