Gestural Overture


Here are the words to the double acrostic:

Glossolalic shade of mauve–O
Eucharistic Mazel Tov
Such are notions to ignore
They’re not what you’re yearning for
Unitard’s your passe-partout
Releve your deja vu
As you bow the hall will cheer
Levitation’s spoken here

The first two lines do not make a heck of a lot of sense, but then the third line implicitly tells you that doesn’t matter. There would not ever be any such thing as a “glossolalic shade of mauve” unless the hearer/viewer had synesthesia. Analogously, the Catholic Eucharist and the Jewish Mazel Tov might be joined in an odd hybrid.

I wanted to work in Labanotation, the recording of dance movements on paper, but the meter wouldn’t allow for it; Levitation fit nicely, though.

It’s all about the celebration of the human form in four dimensions, the flow of a body through space with lyricism. I am graceless and no dancer myself, despite at least half a dozen dance lessons and hours on dance floors. But I’ve had a studio art education with several life drawing classes, and I’ve owned the classic DYNAMIC FIGURE DRAWING by Tarzan strip artist Burne Hogarth, so I can vicariously enjoy what you luckier folks can do directly.

  1. This one connects with me. I’ve always loved watching dancing and a have a great admiration for Gene Kelly; unfortunately, I don’t have much of a sense of rhythm so my own efforts have never risen above some social dancing classes.
    As for drawing, Hogarth is a great teacher. I have Drawing dynamic folds and draperies. I used to have Dawing dynamic hands, but I seem to have lent it out, never to return…

    • A fellow Hogarth fan! That doesn’t surprise me, given your fine drawing skills, Michel, but it does make me grin. 🙂

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