Antithetically, or You Can’t Say Hallelujah Without All Ah


First I decided to fill a page with a sonnet. Then I did a search on fourteen-letter words, and “antithetically” just jumped out. So I calligraphed it across the page and down the page, making each letter analogously antithetical. Something compelled me to make most of the rhymes “ee,” it paid off especially with “twee” (look up Alan Turing for verification of appropriateness) and “freak quince see,” which is a glimpse of this word-playa’s Holy Grail.

Here are the words of the sonnet:

a needless thing is animosity
neuropathy takes healers needless time
to tune to Turing testing’s ultra twee
if Touring’s true to taproot reason/rhyme
the hypertensive sensitivity
hermed users of Viagra may evince
elongment of unpleasant taut unglee
turgidity to make a groan man wince
is symptomatic of the irony
conspicuous presumption may confer
across a spectrum Pope to Byron. We
lack focus to slow wisdom from its blur.
laconic lack makes Yakking’s freak quince see
yea/hallelujah’s analeptic key.

I’ve been up all night working the Graveyard shift, and am falling asleep as I type, so I will forgo the usual notes–but I’ll check back in a few hours and cheerfully answer any questions you, gentle Reader, may have.


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