greener than you think


Here are the words:

the sky is greener
   than your eyes
the nitrogen the light
   ning strikes the sky
is greener than the moon
takes meteors
   and burns them up the
sky is greener than our ways
ionosphere dims cosmic
   rays the sky has
helped us come to be
breathe Oh-Two in
enjoy the dawn

Green means many metaphorical things. It may mean Inexperienced, or Jealous, or Envious, or Nauseous, or Fresh. In this case it means Environmentally Sound, of course.

But what of the sky? The sky is what we see when we are on Earth and we look away from the Earth. (Presupposing we are out in the open and uncanopied.) The sky as I write of it here is the Earth’s atmosphere and all it contains. That is not what Sky means, strictly, but “atmospheric envelope” could not be made to work.

We are not gentle with our atmospheric envelope, though it would be perfect for our sustenance if we were. Now a frightening number of environmental scientists say that the climate change our increasingly-unsuitable atmospheric envelope is midwifing will make ordinary life impossible in this century.

Can you help? Are you willing to help? Look in your heart and you may find that you are greener than you think.


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