Layover – Overflow – Overbook

This page came from the notion that since oceangoing vessels have traditionally been named after women, and thought of as women, and that airplanes are vessels that go into the ocean of atmosphere, those airplanes are women. Three terms specific to flight arrangements are therefore seen in a different, skewed perspective.



Low means a Moo
Air is to move
You’ll be a groover


Olga put the Off in Scoff
Vera put the LOL in Maillol
Ella got a boff way boffo
Rita went in heat at Heathrow


Ouches w/Job
Voices like lobo
Emulate mayo
Rye is OK

  1. Sweetheart got overbooked on Saturday, ended up in first class. He He, living high! Since she was flying from Switzerland, that would make her plane an Ursula, I expect.

    M Lamontagne

    • Speaking as an Ursula Andress fan, I expect you’re right! 🙂

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