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First I decided to fill a page with a sonnet. Then I did a search on fourteen-letter words, and “antithetically” just jumped out. So I calligraphed it across the page and down the page, making each letter analogously antithetical. Something compelled me to make most of the rhymes “ee,” it paid off especially with “twee” (look up Alan Turing for verification of appropriateness) and “freak quince see,” which is a glimpse of this word-playa’s Holy Grail.

Here are the words of the sonnet:

a needless thing is animosity
neuropathy takes healers needless time
to tune to Turing testing’s ultra twee
if Touring’s true to taproot reason/rhyme
the hypertensive sensitivity
hermed users of Viagra may evince
elongment of unpleasant taut unglee
turgidity to make a groan man wince
is symptomatic of the irony
conspicuous presumption may confer
across a spectrum Pope to Byron. We
lack focus to slow wisdom from its blur.
laconic lack makes Yakking’s freak quince see
yea/hallelujah’s analeptic key.

I’ve been up all night working the Graveyard shift, and am falling asleep as I type, so I will forgo the usual notes–but I’ll check back in a few hours and cheerfully answer any questions you, gentle Reader, may have.


As I indicate by my signature, I am an admiring fan of Theodor Geisel, known to the world as Dr. Seuss. FOX IN SOCKS charmed my own socks off me, and one of my fondest memories is reading it aloud to my toddler daughter.

Here are the words to the acrostic:

Let’s start with a task that will not anger bees
Leaves zinnias unfettered and gracing the trees
Out where it’s assumed that a favoring breeze
Obscures a disaster with greatest of ease
One way to get smash hits as featured in Hulu
Opine that the seaside has snagged you a lulu
See–he’ll never cease to amaze all us toddlers
Serves up Feats of antics for Mollies & Coddlers
Escape to his Casa–it’s Perfect for Dawdlers

…and please do visit, where the Good Doctor lives on!


I love looking at constellations, though I think Astrology is a bunch of nonsense. The constellation they call Orion looks more like a butterfly than a mighty hunter to me. Scorpio–Bent Seven; Cassiopeia–the W in WTF.

Here are the words of the fractured, partially-blank acrostic:

Concoct a tale told straight
Omit not Doom nor Fate
No one will PROVE it’s bull
Shoot–’twill, if fancy/full
Let witlings crow & hope
Led by their horoscope
Lives thus & so misguided
Lose starlight though benighted

PS–this page is offered for entertainment value only. [smiley face]


The words to the double acrostic:

H A V E   A   L O C H ,   E L L I S . . . a monkey named Beppo
Engaged to be merry is F U N if not hep
Lo, tide; hie, poor thermic: Mick hails, re king/Brut
In dust (re: us) Lee seeks a nap — O Lee — Frutti
Can apple us canopied not — or with stadium
An endlessness bodes well des mondes & Dez Tutu
Lest rad (y yo) active . . . . . . unmade of vanadium

Above the acrostic is a drawing of Air Force Two, and above that is the tagline “Featuring AIR FORCE TWO as Candy,” and above that is the double-barreled title ENTITLEMENT, or, Your Guest Is as Good as Mined.

I posted the image in Facebook, and it was met with bafflement, exemplified by my beloved girlfriend’s comment, “??? Well, you done flew that copter right over this poor gal’s head.” I HAD pointed out that, as it was St. Patrick’s Day, I was honoring the occasion by presenting a green-tinted page that was full of Blarney; but that there was a subtext of fiscal conservatism.

The acrostic is loaded with puns. I’ll give you the first one: “Have a loch, Ellis” is a riff on Havelock Ellis, a pioneer in the study of atypical sexuality.

Also, here is my Facebook response to Denise: “Let’s get in the chopper and have a fun ride, Darling. The message is hidden in plane sight: our Founding Fathers did fine with no need for Air Force One, let alone Two. PS: LBJ had a bowling alley installed in the White House basement. PPS: Congresscritters keep voting themselves Louis XVI perks. Sackcloth & Ash em, says I! [smiley face]”


Here are the impossible-to-read-on-the-page words:

Misanthropes are often human–denizens of desks
Others dole out peskiness w/gusto & w/pesk
Sucking vampires if they’re let as deft as Pistol Pete
Quizno-quick & Hoover strong till abdomen’s replete
Unto puddles under trees they hatch, they drink, YOU smart
ICK! to you is YUM! to them–some hot soup à la carte
Tender flesh is Heaven-sent, Maurice Chevalier
Offering A Positive will make a buzzter’s day

Notes: Ironically, I think to call mosquitoes misanthropes is anthropomorphizing. They’re just hungry, which makes them pesky. And is there such a thing as Pesk? Sure, but surprisingly, the word derives not from bugs, but fish.

I’ve wondered sometimes what a mosquito becomes if it sucks blood from a vampire. I’m tickled to express the possibility poetically.

The late Pistol Pete Maravich was a superbly talented but injury-prone professional basketball player. He liked to put some razzle-dazzle into his ball handling and shooting. Tragically, he died at a mere 40 during a pickup game, unaware that he had a congenital heart defect. Don’t ignore symptoms, friends!!

Quiznos is a place that makes sandwiches, fast. Hoovers are vacuum cleaners that suck strongly when new.

Maurice Chevalier was an entertainer and actor. One of the songs he made famous was “Thank Heaven for Little Girls.” Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy Magazine, sang that song once, on Saturday Night Live, long ago.

A Positive is a very common blood type, which happens to be my own. And Buzzter is my own corruption of the word Buster.

Questions and comments are most welcome!


Here are the words to the acrostic:

It is wondrous, isn’t it
A soul to keep around & with
Now when the birds tuwit tuwoo
Don’t doubt that they mean You & YOU

No veiled references, no allegory, no twisty wordplay–this is no less nor more than a celebration and remembrance of young love.

I entered one of my latest birds in a juried art show. The poor guy was rejected, and thus we are both dejected. But the elating thing about having a blog is that you are your own juror, and everything you do is juried in. So welcome to my latest one-man, one-bird show!



Please don’t go blind trying to read the spiral. Here are the words, starting from the center:

this is the beginning of the unblanking of a journal page – these words radiate not only from the impulsive urge to create but also from the polar-coordinative orientation of the message about a locus of the page that has deliberately been left blank. Promarily this was done for the visual effect – it is not possible for a normal human being to read these words with the ease with which Cartesian-coordinated words are read; consequently, the focus is not so quickly shifted to the meaning of the arrayed words. attention is first paid to the array itself.

There are also two double acrostics. The rightside-up one reads:

Investigative Journal Prism/In pentimento Optimism/Perhaps a LOL perhaps a schism/promoting motion non-abysmal.

The upside-down one reads:

Let’s undot an I/Olive pit to keep/Load a me O’Mayo/Lull a Bligh to sleep.

The dude on the beach towel looling in upper left is captioned “A diller a dollar a 5 O’ Clock LOLLER.”

There are portraits of Fats Waller, Gustav Mahler,and Linda Lavin (“above” LOLL,but read it LO LL and it makes a little more sense). There’s also a drawing of a residence in Loretta Lynn’s old stomping grounds, Butcher Holler. And had I time, I would have added a portrait of Kris Kristofferson, and labeled it “Rhodes Scholar.”

Lastly, the two tall dudes are labeled “Tall” and “Taller.”


Here are the words to the acrostic:

Knowledge complicates & wisdom simplifies
It’s light bath & solid making a shadow
The dog catnaps & the cat lies doggo
The ONUS & the HONOR
Yinways & yangward

Please remember that cats have claws and, often, merciless predation.


Here are the words to the double acrostic:

Glossolalic shade of mauve–O
Eucharistic Mazel Tov
Such are notions to ignore
They’re not what you’re yearning for
Unitard’s your passe-partout
Releve your deja vu
As you bow the hall will cheer
Levitation’s spoken here

The first two lines do not make a heck of a lot of sense, but then the third line implicitly tells you that doesn’t matter. There would not ever be any such thing as a “glossolalic shade of mauve” unless the hearer/viewer had synesthesia. Analogously, the Catholic Eucharist and the Jewish Mazel Tov might be joined in an odd hybrid.

I wanted to work in Labanotation, the recording of dance movements on paper, but the meter wouldn’t allow for it; Levitation fit nicely, though.

It’s all about the celebration of the human form in four dimensions, the flow of a body through space with lyricism. I am graceless and no dancer myself, despite at least half a dozen dance lessons and hours on dance floors. But I’ve had a studio art education with several life drawing classes, and I’ve owned the classic DYNAMIC FIGURE DRAWING by Tarzan strip artist Burne Hogarth, so I can vicariously enjoy what you luckier folks can do directly.


The subject that is the specialest subject of all is my daughter. She is engaged to be married to a fine young man with intelligence and wit to match her own. I wish them the best kind of success, which is not Money nor Fame but Enduring Happiness.

Kate is no stranger to my journal pages. Here is one from a few years ago:


And here is the one I did on the occasion of her 20th birthday:


I have thousands of cherished memories of her, from the day she was born to last Friday when I visited her in Phoenix and took her and Denise to Mongolian BBQ. She was a delightful baby, an amazing toddler (she applied for and received a library card less than four months after her third birthday, having signed her name twice in order to do so), a lively little girl–ah, I could name dozens of her incarnations, but the important thing is, she has become more herself every day, and need not dwell in the past the way her mawkish father does. Kate, you are You, and the best Daughter imaginable. I love you and I salute you. I celebrate my One Hundredth Blog Post with the specialest subject of all. Thanks for indulging me by kindly permitting me to do so!