Goodby: AFD Extra

It has been fun and frenzied, Friends. But today I decided that enough was enough, and that the one-time-a-day posting would end today. Hail, Farewell, and Goodby to that.


(NOT April Fool! in the traditional sense. I ended the one-time-a-day posting by posting TWICE, for the first time, today. Ain’t I a Stinker.)

  1. Too bad, I really liked my daily dose of acrostic poetry! But it is a huge creative task, and you kept it up for a long time, and if the glee is gone… As for me, I certainly understand, I just made a small run of 12 illustration for the KeepMoving Blackberry project a few weeks ago and it rather destroyed the drawing part of my brain; now quite restored yet!

    Hope these post don’t get too rare and far between, but new ones will be greeted with delight whenever they appear.

    The sum of the posts would make a nice book projects, no?

    Michel Laomntagne

    • My friend, I guess I was too subtle with my April Fooling. As long as I can sustain the effort, there will still be a post every day–and maybe even more than one, on occasion. As for a book project, thanks so much for thinking so–I will evaluate that possibility on the one-year anniversary of my blog.

      Gary Bowers

  2. Ah, good! Glad I got lost in the convolutions of denials of denials ! Seems like the right this to do, being fooled on april first 😉

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