Instrument/Expression, plus a Pencil Face-Off



Ideas love to live–give them de Luxe
Nestiferous environments for flux
Suspend your mind in trans-galactic soup
To raise it from a flattened-worldly stupor
Refect, reflect, refract, rephrase, re-lase
Usurp a surface with that scribe which flays
Mount bold campaigns upon a sturdy chassis
Elongate meatafours unto kolbassi
Nu AveNews WILL, O PEN, up a rho
Tend rouse of crabbage till your crop is grown

Notes: “Kolbassi” is much better known as Kielbasa. Nu and Rho are letters of the Greek alphabet. Ave is Latin for Hail. A Google search of “nestiferous” yielded 23 results this morning, while “pestiferous” clocked in at over 136,000. “Crabbage” is in the Urban Dictionary.

Since the subject was Instrument/Expression, I threw in a whimsical review of two pencils I used recently. One is the Staples store brand, the other the Dixon Ticonderoga (Yellow in this case; I prefer Black, though, just because it looks more Darth Vaderish). The two cats and their surrounds are drawn by the pencils they’re labeled with.


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