Thesaurus Rex


Yesterday was as bouncearound as a pinball machine. It was my daughter’s birthday, so Denise and I left Sedona before 7am, joining daughter Kate; her mother, my former wife Joni; my mother; and her husband, my stepfather Marty, for a 9am breakfast at Coco’s in central Phoenix. Denise and I went straight from breakfast back to Sedona, I caught an hour’s sleep, then I worked a five-hour shift at the Village Gallery, where dwell certain ceramica of mine. Home by seven-thirty p.m., quick dinner crafted by Denise, viewing an episode of CRACKER, which stars Robbie Coltrane, known the world over as Hagrid of the Harry Potter series, another hour’s sleep, than off to my nighttime day job, working 11pm to 7am. Somehow before I left for work I did this page.

Here are the words to the acrostic:

The right words can make a career
Hold demons at bay with no fear
Empower; ennoble, help steer
Some phrases turn jelly to stone
Assist an ascension; enthrone
Usurp human will unto drone
Remonstrances may cure the lax
Upenders oft thrill to the max
Still–ACTION lets hearts and moons wax

As Mark Twain says, “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is really a large matter — it’s the difference between a lightning bug and the lightning.” ‘Nuff said!


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