Administration (Pass the Aerodynamicist)


Once upon a time I was an Administrative Vice President of a multi-million-dollar corporation. Once upon another time I was an Office Administrator for the second largest sportsmarketing firm in the United States. Once upon yet another time I was an Administrative Coordinator for a major hospital system. And once upon last night I was a Clerk. Such is life.

Here are the words to the apical double acrostic:

Apply for admission
Edit curriculum vitae
Remit acceptance fee
Oblige supplemental demanders
Demand forensic accounting
Yelp if overwhelmed
Nod passively appropriately
Anticipate critical junctures
Moderate riled debates
Irritate naysaying fatalists
Complicate tired traditions
Initiate decisive strategems
Start successor search
Take a vacation

  1. Bonsoir Mr Bowers,

    I was very bad at all of this Administration parcesroh, so I went straight to ‘Take a vacation’ about 10 years ago. I am now one of many administered, in a mid sized organisation. I rather like being a kind of glorified technician, seems about as safe as anything ever is in this life of ours.
    Hum, do the little square on the left symbolize a checkered career, then?

    M Lamontagne

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