Hiking here in the Verde Valley is usually quite civilized. Many of the trails are marked by cairns of red (and sometimes not-so-red) rock in a containment matrix of baling (or not-so-baling) wire. From any cairn but the first and last, a hiker will be able to see the cairn preceding and the cairn ahead. Life would be more navigable if there were decision-cairns and opportunity-cairns. Come to think of it, there are, if the astute observer looks and listens.

Here are the words to the acrostic:

Climbing guide is brac-a-bric
An auspicious rock piled trick–O
If we gain a mountain’s top
R I S E with summitry & pop, I
Now sing kudos chop chop choppa

Trivia: “kudos” means “praise.” It is singular. “Kudos” is also the name of the Arts supplement of the Red Rock News, a local publication.


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