Coronation Barrenness: a Challenge Met


This was written and performed at the {9} Gallery for the Caffeine Corridor poetry event last night, May 10, 2013. Judy Green-Davis gave me the word Coronation and I wrote it about six poets before my Open Mic performance of it. (This is the capsule version; a previous post of mine seems to be lost to the ethersphere.)

  1. Last night at Caffeine Corridor, my favorite Phoenix-area poetry event, I was at the venue but the poetry I’d brought from Sedona to read was miles away. I did have a new blank-page drawing journal and drawing tools, though, and I was there a bit early, so when Jack Evans and Judy Green-Davis walked in I asked Judy for the first word that popped into her head. It was “Coronation.” About forty-five minutes later I had concocted the above, and ten minutes later I performed it for the audience.

    Here are the words:

    Capture a crown & they’ll give you a B
    Over the moon & on top of the sea
    Ravish a culture they’ll buy you a beer
    Out of South Africa up a career
    Napalm a coastland to make it serene
    And use agent orange: you thereby go green
    To ease your ascension & bleach out the stain
    It takes Ethnic Cleansing of groups ungermane
    O say can you see by the dawn’s early bliss
    Now rise for the Pledge and then bend for a Kiss

    I had no idea I contained such a vitriolic anarchist! Or was it the poem writing itself again?

    Here is the lost longer version, courtesy of the WordPress bots.

  2. This one has got me stumped. I’ve tried the Dutch, the British, the Americans, learned full of stuff about napalm, revisited the latest Ethnic Cleansings, tried to link it to Bush family (always reliable villains), learned that Thailand has a king (he’s a pretty good match, actually). No solution. My brain is mush. AND my wife clobbered me at Scrabble. And my daughter at MahJong, come to that.

    Well, at least I got to explain to my brother in law how to start up his new swimming pool and connect all the piping. It’s always a good feeling to be able to display some kind of expertise! 😉

    • Not much to get, my friend, except Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. Cheers to your connectivity proficiency!

  3. Ahah! So it’s about all of Them at the same time! A Coronation goes to your head, one might say.

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