hawk EYED


I confess (or reconfess; my old brain is getting repetitive): I have voyeuristic tendencies. Left to my base desires, I would be a blatant Looky-Lou. Instead, I am a discreet Looky-Lou–certainly more discreet than what you see when you do an image search on Ogling, which I did as part of research for this page.

People like to watch, but people also like to be civilized. It is a tug-of-war.

Here are the words to the double acrostic. NOTE: in my younger days I pronounced it OH-gulled. I now pronounce it AH-gulled.

hooded glances may disturb as much as cast or stye
aspirations and implied intent provide the why
wanton feral human WANTING makes a mind to boggle
knowledge of the Ogle-force demonds that IT be ogled


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