Neck Lace


Today I had the Blinding Flash of the Obvious that Necklace subdivides into Neck Lace. Lace for the Neck. Hmmmm.

A lot of jewelry is displayed at the same place I display my ceramic wares, the Village Gallery, here in the Village of Oak Creek. I was putting in a four-hour shift last Monday and in a slow spell I sketched one of the necklace displays on the counter. Then in the middle of last night I surrounded it with an invented necklace, and put the double acrostic inside.

I think I finally “get” jewelry, a little. a necklace, or earrings, or waist chain, or anklet, or bracelet is sort of like a witch’s familiar, or talisman, or amulet, what certain English literature scholars call a Numinous Object. It makes a person more what they really are, in a quasi-magical way.

Here are the words to the acrostic inside:

Now Life has its Upside like tasty Felafel
Enjoyment of scents like Tabu and alfalfa
Consider for Ladies good taste unfrenetic
Knit-braided in metal: a lapis vignette

Here are the four words to the “feckless” acrostic:


“Feckless” means “unthinking and irresponsible.” Moral: don’t go outside the Neck Lace with this one, Friends!

  1. Lace as in shoe lace or as in lacework? And why isn’t a bracelet called an armlace? Or a wristlace?

    • Michel, the word “lace” IS delightfully multimeaninged. I got lucky! As for why we call things what we call them, I think it boils down to “seemed like a good idea at the time–then it just stuck.”

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