The Celadon family of ceramic glazes is often ideal for a vessel with carving on it. The glaze is intensified in the incised area.

I played with the idea of illustrating this with an animation cel, a scene from Much Ado About Nothing, and a portrait of Nia Vardalos, but that would have been both distracting and (in the worst sense of the word) precious.

Here are the words:

Clay & glaze can
CRAZE a clay man

Effervesced Chi
Ends old ennui

Lulling Opera


  1. Wow Gary, So multi-Tie-Talented! No only are able to turn a beautiful bowl but U can draw like the dickens! You R truly creative! Please keep you juices flowing into the world. Cheers, Peggy Doig

    • Peggy, thanks, and thanks again for your sterling display help. I am truly gratified that you visited my blog–it makes my day!

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