The Mighty Ampersand


Dylan has his Mighty Quinn, to which I riff: Come all at sea/Come all on land./You’ve not seen nothin’ like the Ampersand.

I just cannot get enough of this handy symbol. Six years ago, in the first year of my attempt at daily art-journaling, on the 8th of March, 2007, I did this:


It is no coincidence that the Ampersand is placed close to where the pulse may be taken.

Here are the words, then and now:

Hope Not

Breathing is a part of Life
As are irritation,
Revelation, rest and strife,
Knowledge, information.

Tapestries of taste & sound
Have their place inside us,
Rigorousness may abound
In the world beside us.
Cauliflowered clouds may bloom
Energized unfolding doom.

Hope So

On the other hand
Here is a Mighty Pen

Noting ampersand
Onwarding again.

the mighty ampersand

antitheses unite
metastases to fight
pragmatic schemes alight
snarkiloquent if slight
delectables delight


  1. A very interesting difference in style between 2007 and 2013. 2013 seems more relaxed, somehow.
    I’m not sure about the image of cauliflowered clouds, the shape is right (spot on really) but the fluffiness seems missing!

    • You are as always perceptive, Michel. In 2007 it was all about the presentation: very controlled, very stiff. Hundreds of drawings later, the calligraphy flows more smoothly and easily, and the drawing is at the service of the idea and not the other way around.

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