See your Random Rhythm; raise you Patrick Swayze


Today I finished an abstract doodle with poetry and some coherent image. Here are the words:

Recurrence to motifs refer
Add frankincense and then de-myrrh
Note, Samson, how reliably
Delilah cranks your Model T
O sure as Hm is spell’d H
M Your actions will from that place stem

(Hm really is spell’d H-M, just like Sh is spelled S-H. This is an example of how, to make the acrostic fit AND rhyme, you have to go to the extreme of ending the line on the next line, which sounds impossible, but that’s what they said about the square root of negative one, about which, see one of my previous posts; sorry, its title escapes me.)

I am throwing in my Patrick Swayze portrait in remembrance of the late, great Roger Ebert, who years ago saw fit to bring it to the attention of his Twitter followers, bless him.



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