Frank Lloyd’s Right!


Here are the words to the triple acrostic:

Form a talc & mortar marvel; that’s your métier
Raise a fine calzone structure heedless of feng shui
Amortize a LOAN for each divinely feathered wing
Notify the press it’s fit for Smith or Jones or Singh
Kaftanesque design may suit a form & function best!
Kool-Aid’s never to be had at Taliesen West!

  1. Goodness, I though he was rather left! Ah, life is full of surprises. Glad to hear about my second favorite architect.

    I’ve tried and tried and the Kaftan eludes me. Did he do any work with fabric?

  2. Michel, ‘Kaftanesque’ may be a bit of a stretch. A kaftan is a flowing woman’s garment. Mr. Wright’s Fallingwater, roughly sketched by me to the right of my acrostic, attempted to incorporate a waterfall into its design. I think that’s about as ‘kaftanesque’ as his designs got. Sorry about the confusion!

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