Trio for the Disaffected


ImageImageWhat does Disaffected mean? Resentful of authority. Rebellious.

What does disaffectedness have to do with these three pages? It’s subtle. Chairs can be tyrannical, yet if they’re “perfectly good” we balk at spending money for a new one. The sketch of indigenous lifeforms came to be when my supervisor at work suggested I design a mural for the dining room, based on the local flora and fauna; I’m flexing compositional wings to produce good reporting of such while at the same time using inset spots and some text to make it not just any mural, but mine. As for the, I’m rebelling against my own compulsivity–I wanted to get the page done quickly and get on with my life. (It took more than twenty minutes to do the ten minute page, though. Irony writeoff, anyone?)

CHAIR TAKER words, correcting two spelling quirks:

Cushioned comfort is a much-sought treat
Heaven-set as crackers & Velveeta
Appetizing as a charry steak
Itch-reducing as a backscratch rake
Relaxation & recumbance near
Renovate your cubicled career

And here is the other set of words:

the art critic’s cosmic untruth doth drip
then random tenebration makes him mutter & flip

his trouble: being Heinlein’s Jonathan Hoag

enduring mortal manhood when forever is in vogue


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