Bedeviled Archangel


I grew up in Glendale, Arizona. During my entire childhood I only went to church, any church, about a dozen times. Yet the Southwestern American ambiance filled my head with certain Christian-based religious notions, including that of angels and devils. I regret not being a sufficient world citizen to be as familiar with other beliefs. I’d love to be able to do an equivalent of the above page with, say, ringing-true Hindu archetypes, for instance. We’re all stuck with our upbringings, even if we renounce the ideas behind them.

In the illustration accompanying the poem, Mister Devil is poking at Mister Angel with his trident and tauntingly asking, “Who’s your DADDY?” Mister Angel replies, “Well, I’ll be Damned–YOU are.” My notion is that Lucifer, eons ago, sowed some wild ectoplasm; further, celestial beings can access all their eons-long memory perfectly, but there may be a bit of lag time. So Mister Angel cast his memory back to when he was an angel-pup and found that the Devil himself had sired him.

If you think that’s far-fetched, it’s not even close to the weirdest of the “facts” about angels and devils. Just ask Jacob, first member of the WWF–or was it his opponent?

Here are the words:

BAD-MOUTHING is Alive–indeed a
Euphemism NEEDS a feeder
DRAINAGE dries a cul-de-sac
Emptiness lacks Bacharach
Visiting the pic’d Corrida
Ink and haemoglobin lead-in
Leave your heart at home if bleeding
Emphasis beyond the pale
Douses HOPE; delivers NAIL

  1. In Chicoutimi Quebec, where I went to church as a wee laddie, they had evacuated the devil and the angels. In the rather plain and modern roman catholic church we went to, they didn’t even have paintings and sculptures, and the scripture choices for the readings stayed far away from that type of imagery.
    The church was part of the university diocese, and I understand, from what my mother told me latter, that most of the priests were also theology teachers, so the preaches were very theoretical, and not in the inflamed and passionate vein at all!
    My first contact with devils then was probably Tintin, when Milou is sometimes tormented by his bad leanings and his good conscience… the good conscience loosing quite often, I must say.

    Nice and full and dynamic drawing, red is a most appropriate color choice! I’m intrigued by the texture behind the drawing. Seems like a woolen blanket of some kind; but perhaps it is something quite different?

    Does it rain in Arizona? We’ve been living in a downpour for the last few days. Makes for very nice greens, but you do finish by missing the sun. We had a family friend from California many years ago, who said she loved coming up and seeing something else than an eternally blue sky….

    • It does rain in Arizona, especially during Monsoon, which is approximately early to mid summer.

      The textured background of late has been an ordinary paper napkin–<> en francais, I think…

      For the funniest Angel/Devil conscience battle I’ve ever seen, see ANIMAL HOUSE. đŸ™‚

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