Wherefore This Futility?


You see, WTF stands for something else as well…

Here are the words to the acrostic:

Wagon trains of happenstance’ll roll your spliff
WIN the Lottery & die: A lucky stiff
Willful resurrection takes us past Hell’s cliff

Soooo–WTF is Willful Resurrection? Ending a major bad habit and starting a major new habit is one example. If we manage it, we are reborn.

  1. tina5458 said:

    How clever!

    • Thanks so much for saying so, Tina Fifty-Four Fifty-Eight. I have been trying to put whatever cleverness I have at the service of Something To Say. They wrestle. [smiles]

      • tina5458 said:

        Can you figure out fifty-four fifty-eight stands for???

      • I can think of a few possibles. Five foot four, fifty-eight kilograms? Fifty-four novels, fifty-eight poems? Fifty-four marriage proposals, fifty-eight broken hearts? [smiles]

      • tina5458 said:

        I like your guesses better!

  2. tina5458 said:

    54yrs old born in 58

    • That would, honest to Goodness, make me 5854. Small world! [grins]

      • tina5458 said:

        Which means which one of us a backassward

      • I’ll take it, I suppose. [smile]

      • tina5458 said:

        🙂 Awe what a gentleman!

      • Little do you know! 🙂

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