Strata Access (Sextuple Acrostic)


This page has an image that is mostly text. I debated whether to leave it all text, in the spirit of Corita Kent, peace be unto her, long may she wave, and rest in peace, but at the last moment intuition had me put a short-skirted brush-and-palette-wielding Babe in front of the wall of words.

Here is the cryptically spiritual text:

Sassafras: a sacred tea
Tunes an active outcome: C
Rice: a sacred orchid sac
As we EAT nae NEEDE nor LACKE
TEMPEST and its celebrants
Arts essay as Shepherd shunts

  1. I agree, the babe just had to be there. Really really like the composition of the page. Reminds me of the lovely work in the animated film The Secrtet of Kells. Did you see it? If not, then you should really enjoy it.

    • Haven’t seen Secret of Kells, Michel–I will put it on my list! Thanks!!

  2. tina5458 said:

    Truly love this…so damn unique!

  3. Nice of you, Ms. Fifty-Four Fifty-Eight–best regards from Mr. Fifty-Eight Fifty-Four, soon to be Mr. Fifty-Nine Fifty-Four!

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