Edgy Fauna (Poem Sold Separately)


Above is a pencil drawing using not the point of the pencil but the edge. If you hold the pencil as if it were a snake you were handling, with the sharpened part of the pencil being the snake’s head, you’re ready to draw with the edge and not the point.

Below is a poem I wrote today. I write a lot of poetry that I don’t illustrate. (Title suggested by my ineffably transcendent Girlfriend, Denise…)

cool water

i toast
my tribe
and then
o cool water

the sun
may scathe
but i
then bathe
with cool water

let’s walk
the lab
his paws
to dab
in cool water

the rain
is steady
your face
is ready
for cool water

row row
your boat
and let
it float
on cool water


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