Appley Encore


I wasn’t very happy with my apple drawing yesterday, so I tried, tried again, with the notion that if an apple does an encore there better be some core involved.

Here are the words, and I hope my friend and correspondent Michel Lamontagne forgives the atrocious use of French.

An Appetite may intervene
Perhaps divert to soup tureen
Perhaps les pommes’ll suit Jean-Luc
Legumes en table–not too cuckoo
Esprit de corps will cause to soar
Yet Winesaps please us even more

  1. Delightful apples! This blog is one on my favorite sources for new words! 🙂
    I didn’t know the Winesap variety. And of course, the esprit the core touches the very center of things….

    • Thanks, Michel!

      I’m curious: do you have a nickname?

  2. No nickname. My mother in law sometimes calls me ‘Mon grand’ 😉 , which is apt since I’m about a foot taller than her. I did have a nickname in grade school, but I hated it deeply, so I will let it remain in blessed obscurity.
    Do you?

    • I do have a nickname, based on my last name and bestowed by a friend I met when I was nine. My last name is Bowers, and my nickname is “The Bow.” Sort of like The Fonz, but more nerdy.

  3. A most excellent nickname. In these days, when Hunger Games rules the movie houses, The Bow is a really topical and sharp handle!

    • Thanks, mon grand! (Translation: Big Fella!) 🙂

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