Stars, Key & Hutch


A couple of days ago a dynamic duo named Beth & Paul sold me an oak desk/hutch they’d advertised on Craigslist. The hutch is eminently drawable but needs company; thus this page was born. It is a sometimes thinly, sometimes thickly disguised celebration of puns and other word-association sorties, sorta. (Like those last two words.) (Like those last two words?)

Here is the quadruple-acrostic transcription:

Some friendly Flicka ate her oats & whinnied, meaning Pooh
The queen of Egypt slaked her thirst & Brutus he et tu
Avoirdupois was pounded out & tried & found in want
Recovery’s de-livery’s a frisked & bucking bronc
So roar at ease Sorority: shellac & conquer conch

  1. kwicksand said:

    Me like

  2. I’ve always wanted one of those, especially the ones that have a curved wooded curtain that you can draw down to hide all the mess on the desk.
    And yes, I rather like the last two words, as well as the overall structure, although Starsky and Hutch were not my cup of tea; or coffee, for that matter. I was something of a snob, probably missed out on some good fun 😉

    • Ironically, I never watched a complete episode of the
      TV series. I thought the movie with Stiller & Wilson was cute, though.

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