Dude Descending a Dateslope [Pass the Pastblast, Please (part 1)]


Up all night, wanted to post before going to bed, looked in vain for “Molybdenum Demon” from the archives but found this instead. Artificionados will recognize the nod to Marcel Duchamp and his “Nude Descending a Staircase.” I so wish Duchamp were alive and a next door neighbor of mine; but I wish a lot of stuff outside the Real.

Here are the words to “Dude Descending a Dateslope,” a bastardized acrostic that reads “Descent of you” on the left and “TWO Double Aught Eight” on the right:

Daily tasks and needs are met
Enter Free Time and you get
Satisfaction–see below
Cheer the Devil that we know
Even whispers have an echo
Nestled like a resting gecko
Tempting voices thus turn Double
Out the razor–off the stubble
Face, SMOOTH face, avails you Aught
Years of unsmooth times have taught
Out the door by ten till Eight
Undeterred, you’re tempting fate


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