Uh Oh/Dire Need/Unfinished/Business


On this page are four acrostic poems and a scattering of images. In all the images are indications of Gamesmanship, a few involving chess pieces. One image has a horse as background, a kissing couple framed by the horse, and three fuzzily-defined chess pieces in front of the couple. There’s also a tennis player waiting for a serve; a balding man flanked by Queens; a soaring hawk and a gliding parasail; two marathoners, one a runner and one a wheelchair athlete; and a hand grasping a long pencil–the last a bit of Draughtsman Versus Blankpage gamesmanship.

The acrostics go from the semisilly to the earnestly serious (Business). Here are their words:

Uh Oh

UNDERSEA say not Land Ho
HOVERCRAFT push Aitch 2 Oh

Dire Need

DESTINY may frown or grin
If the effort’s genuine
Rocks along the road impede
Extra moxie takes the lead


Undone undefined mistake
Now coiled entwines like a snake
Finessing a news spot whilst miked
Is bound to get Harry well liked


Buy & sell & keep it clean
Urge an Ethos crystalline
Soles are worn with hardwalked shoes
It will help to pay your Dues


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