br-O-ke-N bone


My poor and darling Denise has sustained a spiral fracture of her leftmost metatarsal. Earlier this week I tried giving her some relief by supporting the weight of her lower leg with mine. It was not all that successful, relief-wise, but proved usable fodder for journal-paging, especially since I occasionally update my Facebook status with “Further Adventures of Denise and Gary.”


brace for impact fragile lamb
Ouch is YES and Ah is no
keen with pain & shout with Damn
Now there’s bruising toe to toe

Note that there’s a bit of poetic license here. Denise does not “keen with pain.” She is quite the trouper, bearing great pain with little outward reaction. I on the other hand am a Big Baby. I yelp, holler, whine, scream, and cry at the slightest provocation.

What did I mean by “ten-A-cious”? Look carefully at the lettering descriptive of our extremities and you will find a column of the letter A, ten deep.

    • I’ll pass that along. Thanks for your good wishes. Note: we are not married.

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