Damsel In Distrust


Here is a subject more serious than a heart attack–and I speak as one whose father died at 49 of a massive myocardial infarction. Since it is so serious I consulted with my exceedingly wise Girlfriend, Denise. The heart of the matter seems to be that trust does not pay for women nowadays, in a world with date-rape drugs and such atrocities as are described in THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES.

I’m a little ashamed that my effort here is so clumsy. Perhaps in a few years, with more mastery of form and worldly experience, I’ll revisit the subject. Meanwhile, this is the best I can do.


Dances with the devil bring a sorrow unsurpassed
And a smile is nothing more nor less than what it is
Maladjusted yearnings leave forensics teams aghast
Seeing HARM inflicted on a wife or niece or sister
Evil forcers vain and lustful go back clear to Zeus
Let us pray evolving souls bring no such thugs to roost

  1. kwicksand said:

    Love your stuff always!

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