Anew Leaf; or, A. Newleaf; or, A New Leaf


Not all modern folk know that turning over a new leaf means turning a page of a book. Many sayings are rooted in the archaic, and we’ll know what they mean metaphorically even while we’ve forgotten how they came to be. “A stitch in time saves nine,” but who stitch-sews or darns any more, darn it?

In this age of controversy about genetic modification of plants, though, a “new leaf” could mean anything from ganja to a more efficient oxygenator. Both? The mind boggles.

This page was done under conditions of extreme sleep deprivation and sporadic retail sales. Looking at it, I don’t know exactly why I went semicolon crazy. I do know that my hero Kurt V had scorn for semicolons, thinking them hermaphroditic.


Abs; traction may well; be a Pal
NeoReal may boost; morale
Evangelics wax; aloof–a
Way; fair; err; a; semi; goof

I also debit SleepDep for the sloppiness of illustrative execution. That top right leaf certainly could use some makeover…


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