Revealed: The Secret No One Cares About

My last post invited readers to e-mail me if they wanted the words to the poem behind the eponymous Love Birds. I sat back and waited, eager to respond to the flood of requests. Alas, I got not a one, not even from–sob–my Girlfriend. [sad face]

Humbling experiences build character. I am perhaps too puffed up/showoffy, or too much, to use my daughter’s charming locution, the Attention Whore. But it drives my creativity, and creativity is just about all I have to offer to civilization and posterity.

So, folks, as you never requested, here is the cheat sheet on the strict-character acrostic poem I wrote as backdrop:


This also reveals acrostic methodology. FIRST, decide on the acrostic; SECOND, decide on the rhyming (or near-rhyming, as in this case) words at the ends of the lines. THEN write one of the lines of poetry, and do a character grid that exactly maps that line. (It doesn’t have to be the first line, and truth is, it’s often easier to acrosticize if you don’t.) Then write the rest of the poem, and have your eraser handy.

Bonus (?) feature: here’s an example of my sign-making layout skills, with my workplace and the cause we evented de-identified:


  1. Your – sob – girlfriend (I hope you really meant sob and not s.o.b.) is a little ADD. If she doesn’t do something immediately, like when you were sitting in her office telling her to email you for the acrostic, she will forget immediately and go on to the thousands of other things that catch her attention each day. 123

    • Ah, it’s all starting to ADD up now. I feel better, thanks to You, sweet D!

  2. It seemed so modest, I hardly wanted to ask you to reveal it…

  3. It surely can happen when your focus shifts to something this specific, where angels fear to tread!

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