Joined Shapes/Meteoric Messages/Self Poor Trait

Here’s a Threefer Wall:




Joined Shapes

Juxtapositioning makes strange bedfellows
Outcomes often are Hobson’s choicish
Inferences drawn in Freehandia
Never seem to reflect Reality’s grip
Edentate is the lower jaw of Time
Delivering a superfluity of bones

Meteoric Messages

Making contact may not seem
Either metaphor or meme
Till it leads to warm embraces
Expeditious tracks & traces
Or a bite from fly or flea
Rousing more’n Golly G
It’s so easy to confuse
Crankiness with front page news

Self Poor Trait

Soapbox pour esprit de mort
Endocrines do bar the door
Let us cellophane the Sea
First inquiring: Que vous dit

Two posted self-portraits in less than a week. All is vanity. The Poor Trait of the acrostic is an annoying tendency, similar to James Joyce’s, to obfuscate via private language and joke.


  1. My, My , vous êtes en feu, mr Bowers…. 3 at a time!
    I’d say self portraits are often more a question of expediency that vanity. Your face is always handily around, when you need a face!

    • Unfortunately, my face follows me wherever I go.

      En feu, mon ami? I like that. I see you hit a hot streak yourself! Prolificity rules!

      Toujours un plaisir, monsieur!

    • Have just seen that nice page. It was nice of you to provide all the errors, but it was nicer yet that your technical drawings are excellent and your presentation is so lucid. May you see this ship built and taken to Mars, with you on board!

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