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What is a lens? It is a light gatherer or scatterer. It may magnify, it may distort, it may correct. There is a shape of lens that can take ordinary sunlight and concentrate its heat. Do not look into the Sun using such a lens.

An unusually wise or prophetic person is sometimes called a Seer.


Line may catch a break
Lovers oft forsake
Eye peers through a loupe
North of sea & sloop
Seek your vision where
Shards bemourn a pair


Like a crater or a yolk
Eyes have foci more than smoke
Needless is a bone or sop
Sight once born may too adopt

lens yens

light & way & TRUTH in synchrony
eyed the fraughtful destiny to be
notice of a loophole’s clearly taken
seed ye drama? here ye’ll find the makin’s



This is part of the chess-piece-based series done in the early 2000s. The surface is a faux finish obtained at Ace Hardware. The original was a fountain, including a birdbathy bowl with the same surface treatment, and a small pump, also obtained at Ace. The bowl started to get mineral-deposit funky, and the fountain effect (out of the top of the head) didn’t really add to the piece, so the bowl and the pump were ditched. Amazing, the similarity in facial features to Denise’s, though this was done years and years before we met.


A few years after the chess series came the tower series. This skyscraperish tower seemed incomplete. I was doing birds at the same time, so I made one to append, with a fond tip of the hat to the classic 30s film KING KONG. The title is “Kingfisher Kong” though the avianesque wallhanger bears little resemblance to any of the Kingfisher clan. If I ever do a remake, the species resemblance will be more true to life.


Here’s a close-up of “Pterence Dactyl,” making his second appearance in these blog posts.


Here’s some miscellany standing guard in the garage. A couple of things using the plaster cast of my life mask; some functional pottery; a Status of Liberty and an Eiffel Tower from Jan Peterson’s “Draw from the Hat” qucik-sculpt assignments; another from the Tower series, and two survivors of the “Some Assembly Required” series, wherein I made vases, sliced them up with a fettling knife, and slipped and scored and reassembled them in non-functional arrays.

Fettling knife–slipping and scoring–roulettes, batts, banding wheels, double-bellied, slab roller, extruder, pug mill–I love the language of Ceramics!



This one looks like a work in progress, but it may well be finished. Something told the artist to stop–that to “finish” it would be to lose something. The artist stopped. The poet may well take over the well-begun acrostic, but if so, the poem will be written and spoken words and not a design element. The viewer is invited to print & play with collaboration.


We human beings must love rectangles. We make so many of them! Plate glass, envelopes, stamps on envelopes, sheets of paper to stuff in envelopes, cross-sections of containers, garage doors, non-garage doors, dominoes, playing cards, and on and on. Thinking outside the box is also thinking beyond the rectangle.

But rectangles, or near-rectangles, do occur in nature: cell formation, muscle striations, constellations, fault-slipped rock formations, and on and on. Some eye sockets are more rectangular than circular.

When I was a kid my mom collected S&H Green Stamps, filling in rectangular arrays with the rectangles-with-punched-out-semicircles of the stamps. When she turned them in for merchandise, it was a form of rectangle redemption; thus does my seemingly-random acrostic have some basis in fact.  But it’s a tenuous stretch. Luckily, when you stretch a rectangle, it remains a rectangle…

Here are the words:

Romance wears her nylons sheer
Eco-Friendly’s more austere
Creature comforts may be weird
Take an object choose a theme
Tell a truth that makes us beam
Any shape provides a step
Necessarily adept
Given one who wears a kepi
Leaps & bounds’ll come & go
Even-keelers use the known



on a froth of comet tail
the solar-wind-borne
the diatomaceous
thought-harvesting array
cast its sub-etheric net
and struck analoguic gold:
in the northern-by-western quadrant
of a planet circling its star
at a distance of 105.5 starwidths
came a sense/memory impression
of such indulgent delight
that the array took possession
of the creature who’d forged the memory
and force it to re-enact the event
whence the memory had sprung.

thus it was, my dear,
that i had no choice
but to buy and eat
a second candy bar
from the vending machine
last night.

thank goodness
i wasn’t thinking
about women,

where are you going?


Here’s one whose words seem to have stood up well. Some day this will be read at an open mic.

My laptop’s a distraction–90 proof
Migoodness it is hard to stay Aloof
MHO is that too much time goes >poof<

O I’m just saying what I want to hear
OutRAGEOUS waste-o-time stand up & cheer
O stay the course PROduction-wise–don’t veer

Right now we love Escape more than Houdini
Rock on, O Comfort Food–deepfried linguini
Remember, Pudding’s gold–like a Cellini

No! STOP that, fella–focus on intent
Now stick to Straight&NARROW–be unbent
No argument–that’s where some Time-chunks went

INTEGRITY is demonstrated best
Intensely and with quietude–if blest
In Reticence you may well pass the Test

No need to feel you’ve GOT to Move&Shake
Not much but your Well-being is at stake
Now PAY that sleep debt to be wide awake

Get up get dressed get fed get what you’re after
Get Who’s On First on YouTube–you need laughter
Get–stuck AGAIN! The Devil’s quite the Crafter

On this blog at least four Devil-mentioning posts have been made, and that’s not counting “Molybdenum Demon,” the as-yet-unposted best of the lot. Stay tuned…