7th Ember/Raw Umber/Remember


Just this minute I did an Internet search on Syria. Floating to the top was the headline “In Syria, Anger and Mockery as Obama Delays Plan.” Dare Ya, Dare Ya, DOUBLE Dare Ya–which is about at the same level of maturity as Now Look What You Made Me Do.

For fifty years, intervention has been a colossal failure. Treating a symptom often does nothing for the disease–and with such as insecticides and 9/11, it exacerbates.

So here is yet another never-does-any-good-but-I-gotta Anti-War message. Standing up to be counted is important for everyone, though almost valueless as a tool for change.

Here are the words:


7th Street has traffic lights some amber
There’s an antechamber bright & fissile
How the jackals howl to hear a panther hum
Eventide brings humming of a missile
Magistrates may murmur of chrysanthemum
But their yen: a limbered-up Haboob
Ebb tide brings its jetsammed torpid tube
Ridges are a favored place to clamber

The words only make sense as metaphor. They do make more sense than what is happening in battlefields past, present and future.

  1. kwicksand said:


      • kwicksand said:


  2. David Chorlton said:

    It will be interesting to see whether we get bipartisan support in Congress for bombing when it doesn’t come along for any thing that benefits those who need benefits. It is just too hard to believe, in the morass the Middle East has become, that intervention would be a humanitarian and not a tactical act.

    • David, thanks for your cogent comment. I am hoping that Congress follows the British Parliament lead.

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