Late Bloomers, Belated Tribute


Here’s another ghost of journal pages past. I “remastered” my drawing from June 2008, effacing the poster-title-like date from the top of the page (long story as to why it was there in the first place) and colorizing it. The message is one I keep telling myself, though I’m still a young pup of 59:

Let’s applaud the Don’t Give Uppers
And the Singers for their Suppers
Taking Bows and Ripe Tomatoes
Ever striving for what Fate owes

Bandoleros may beset them
Losses–no time to regret them
Oven mitts for Hot Potatoes
Oldses drive you through Mankatos
Making lemonade from lemons
Easy garlands knit with stem ends
REAL success is pure Innateness
Some time may ALL know your greatness

As a fan of the late James Gandolfini, and whereas the above page was inspired by Edie Falco, I’ve just done a quick sketch of the man who made Tony Soprano stone-cold real to millions. I was pressed for time today, and did not give my subject the focused attention he deserves, and he died months ago, so perhaps this is too little, too late. But it’s something I hope is better than nothing.


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