Morning Fritter, 2008


Here’s one whose words seem to have stood up well. Some day this will be read at an open mic.

My laptop’s a distraction–90 proof
Migoodness it is hard to stay Aloof
MHO is that too much time goes >poof<

O I’m just saying what I want to hear
OutRAGEOUS waste-o-time stand up & cheer
O stay the course PROduction-wise–don’t veer

Right now we love Escape more than Houdini
Rock on, O Comfort Food–deepfried linguini
Remember, Pudding’s gold–like a Cellini

No! STOP that, fella–focus on intent
Now stick to Straight&NARROW–be unbent
No argument–that’s where some Time-chunks went

INTEGRITY is demonstrated best
Intensely and with quietude–if blest
In Reticence you may well pass the Test

No need to feel you’ve GOT to Move&Shake
Not much but your Well-being is at stake
Now PAY that sleep debt to be wide awake

Get up get dressed get fed get what you’re after
Get Who’s On First on YouTube–you need laughter
Get–stuck AGAIN! The Devil’s quite the Crafter

On this blog at least four Devil-mentioning posts have been made, and that’s not counting “Molybdenum Demon,” the as-yet-unposted best of the lot. Stay tuned…

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