Lens Variations


What is a lens? It is a light gatherer or scatterer. It may magnify, it may distort, it may correct. There is a shape of lens that can take ordinary sunlight and concentrate its heat. Do not look into the Sun using such a lens.

An unusually wise or prophetic person is sometimes called a Seer.


Line may catch a break
Lovers oft forsake
Eye peers through a loupe
North of sea & sloop
Seek your vision where
Shards bemourn a pair


Like a crater or a yolk
Eyes have foci more than smoke
Needless is a bone or sop
Sight once born may too adopt

lens yens

light & way & TRUTH in synchrony
eyed the fraughtful destiny to be
notice of a loophole’s clearly taken
seed ye drama? here ye’ll find the makin’s

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