The Crossword Puzz that Wants To Be a Poem


This is a genuine 15 by 15 diagonally symmetrical crossword puzzle, constructed by my genuine self after two days of tribulation. It is now seven minutes to midnight, and I’m determined to publish today. If it is too hard to read, please let me know and I will transcribe post-publication.

Here’s a clean grid for solvers:


  1. Donald Miller said:

    Good grief, Gary. You just out-did yourself. The title got me over here, and the artwork impresses me.

    • Thank you, Donald! And thanks for putting the passionate “Go back to Europe” Mexican lady on Facebook. I think you have a good take on it.

      • Donald Miller said:

        I got the video from another site. Someone on there had a comeback to me that I’m still laughing about. He said, “Conquistadors, go back to Spain, where you belong.” hahah.

        But I think it should be sooo obvious to anyone what the politicians are up to with that anti-immigrant thing. And it seems to be working. The Titanic is sinking and the people are still sniping. Which reminds me to ask you if you know anything about the whereabouts of Randy Masters.

  2. Michel lamontagne said:

    Randy has a political Blog, a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Rmasters78 on twitter should lead you to all of them. He’s also active on his photography Web page. Dave van dyke still argues with him about evolution on their Facebook accounts. I’m on a week long holiday with my darling for our 25th wedding anniversary so I should find time to actually do the Crosswords! Looks difficult. Nun gore?

    • It’s Nun Garb, Michel. I really should transcribe!

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