Calmness, with Embedded Serenity


This page was twinly inspired by the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and by my wish for a good night’s rest for my Girlfriend, Denise.


Come we to see the fall of Dusk benign
And on a slumbered Dream-repast we dine
Lash-fluttering & rest: a night’s success
Mementos that the sainted Martyrs bless.

Good night, my dearest Denise…

  1. Michel lamontagne said:

    Sometimes simple is best . This post illustrates this perfectly. Lovely.
    Do you know the work of Frederick Back?
    This has the same elegant simplicity.

    • Thanks, Michel!! I wasn’t familiar with Back, but I just looked him up and I’m glad I did. I do admire economy of stroke and shade. Marc Chagall is one of my heroes, and I also liked the late Patrick Nagel’s nudes; every line counted, and was painstakingly placed. And of course Picasso had a great two-second drawing in “Femme.”

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