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This drawing started out as an exercise in steady-handedness. First there was a rectangle the approximate shape of American currency. It was sectioned into thirds with parallel close-set lines. Subrectangles of 15×15 grids were then drawn within those thirds. It was easy to imagine the encapsulated gridboard as a backdrop, and not too hard to imagine a guitarist in front of it, and erase out the parts of the gridboard the guitarist would occlude. The space became more palpable with the addition of side panels, and a stool wanted to exist beside the guitarist, and erased its superimposed backdrop and then drew itself with bottle and glass resting on its seat.

Long story short: it does not take much to define a space using grids and/or rectangles, and a defined space makes it easy to visualize figures or other objects within it. Try it and tell me what happened, and you’ll make my day. [smiles]



Here is a remake in pencil of a page I did more than six years ago using an ultrafine Sharpie and Faber-Castell colored pens. You will see when comparing to the below original page that I changed a few of the words, and that I distilled the design elements to the essential and magic-realismed the girl into self-illumination.


I THINK the remake is a significant improvement, but since I finished it less than an hour ago I might be too close to it to be objective enough to judge. I KNOW I can do better, and would have had I more time. Can’t wait to retire! [smiles]


The Further Adventures of Denise and Gary has been going on for some months, taking the form of a Facebook status update. Some of the Adventures cleave fairly closely to the truth; some are more fanciful; some bear only the faintest echo of the reality that inspired them.

This one, the first illustrated version of FAOD&G, is what I am pretty sure would have happened if I’d provided my half of the proceedings. It is also a delivery system for two Groaner-grade puns.

I could not post it without showing it to Denise and getting her go-ahead. I am glad to report that she deemed it cute and gave her gracious permission.


Here as promised is a better spoon than the spoon I posted and promised to do a better one than. As for the double word acrostic, I decided on single-word lines for simplicity’s sake and then went shopping in the enormous dictionary near the front desk where I work at work. I’d never encountered the word “supposititious” before, and was delighted to find it could mean either Fraudulent or Hypothetical. Once I had Supposititious, I knew I wanted more words that were spooky-special. The last, Necronomicon, is a tip of the hat to H.P. Lovecraft and his disciples.

“Onomatopoetical” yields a squiggly red line when typed, but “Onomatopoetic” does not. Chalk it up to poetical license, and another hat-tip to a literary gent, this one Charles Dickens, who wrote “The Poetical Young Gentleman.”

“Obbligato” according to the dictionary is that part of a musical performance that is absolutely essential and must not be omitted.

“Phenomena” is the plural of Phenomenon. It is amazing how many newscasters think “phenomena” is singular. –Actually, it IS singular in the sense of Uniqueness; that it can be both Singular and Plural heterodynes its singularity.

These, then, are five of the most numinous words I could find. As for “Numinous,” it means “having a strong religious or spiritual quality; indicating or suggesting the presence of a divinity.”


My sweet and sweets-concocting Girlfriend, Denise, baked up the above batch of gnarly-looking goodies that she calls “reindeer poop.” (The calligraphy above is mine.)  I have not tried this delicacy, and will not till the 23rd owing to diet commitment, but I did invent a joke:
FLO: Pass the Reindeer Poop, please.
MOE: Can’t do that. The Reindeer beat me to it. But I’ll REpass it, if you want.

Is that an awful joke? Maybe–but it’s an original joke of my own invention. And as Mark Twain tells us, “The remarkable thing about a dog walking on its hind legs is not how well he does it, but simply that he does it at all.”

I was hoping it would be the first Reindeer Poop joke on record, but an Internet search reveals 7 hits for “reindeer poop jokes.” Is this the Age of Specialization, or what?

Happy Holidays, Friends!