Spoon, Water, Glass


The latest in my Spoon series was prompted by a challenge from my friend Genevieve L, who manages a drawing group in Facebook. The challenge was to make a drawing of or including water in some form.

Originally, I thought to do a double acrostic, and got as far as this:


But this seemed a dead end–the triple acrostic would distract from the drawing, and it felt better to have the acrosticist STFU and let the draughtsman do the non-talking.

  1. Reblogged this on DK0blivion and commented:
    simple, yet surreal and well drawn work of a Spoon, Water, and a Glass.

    • Appreciate that, DK0. So often the move toward simplicity is the right thing to do. I’m glad I ditched my first try!

    • Michel, what a heroic job you did! Hadn’t heard of the gentleman, nor his jump; but how perfectly his and your effort suit my words. Profound thanks, my friend!

  2. Thank you for the challenge and the idea. It’s interesting and fun that you had never heard of the jump; I SAW the jump in your words, the same way people see Jesus in a burnt toast…. and I definitively see a face in the spoon 😉

    • Can’t tell you how thrilled I am, my friend. This is a special day–it’s the one-year anniversary of the “One with Clay, Image and Text” blog. What great icing for such a cake!

  3. Joyeux anniveraire, mr Bowers et encore bien du bonheur dans les années à venir!

    • Mille merci, mon grand ami, sans peur et sans reproche!

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