A Dead But Perhaps Resurrectable Runner

Yesterday I was cleaning up the “bonus room” where I do my drawing and blogging, in preparation for Denise’s relatives gathering at our place near Christmastime, and I found this picture:


This was the last footrace I was in that I did any running in. The picture was probably taken close to the finish line. More than an hour and a half had elapsed from the opening horn, and my lower legs were in agony, and I was telling them that relief was soon at hand and please don’t wilt on me. My fellow runner and friend’s boyfriend John was waiting at the finish line, and his car was parked mercifully near. When I got out of his car I could not walk the 50 feet or so to the restaurant we’d agreed to eat at after, so John took me home, where I literally crawled around for the next day from the bedroom to the bathroom, of necessity. Thus the runner in me died. Knee surgery in 1999 merely nailed the coffin’s lid more firmly.

Now, however, I am starting to feel the strength and the urge returning. This week I treadmilled briskly, though not runningly, for a solid hour one session. I’m heading south toward Sub-200-Poundville, and am on track to get there by April. If I do, I’ll start running again, sensibly and modestly. Wish me luck!

  1. Indeed, best of luck! I am currently discovering the joys and pains (well, just pains, really) of Plantar Fasciitis, and hope to get over it in the next few months. Just imagine, in 2014 you can run with an Ipod plugged into your ears! I’ve discovered it’s a great way to listen to music without much of anything else getting in the way of the sound.

  2. One pound at a time, (weight coming off that is, not pounding the ground with your feet to kill what is left of the meniscus that cushions the knees!). I am finally back to where I was when I moved to the Northwest 18 years ago.It took me two heel spur surgeries and an additional one on left medial meniscus, before I decided running was not going to work any longer! Swimming was my way back to healthy weight and muscle tone. Don’t know if you have that option near by, but one can actually jog in the pool lanes too, if swimming laps doesn’t appeal.

    • Good for you, Kathy! I’m afraid swimming pools and I are like this [holds index fingers far, far apart]. I have a deep enjoyment of running and would like to do it to the extent that I healthily can. Luckily I can walk and walk and walk–have megawalked much of my life–and love that as well.

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